World Science Festival Gala Celebrates Women in Science


Almost 300 people joined together on April 7th to celebrate science at the annual World Science Festival Gala. The Gala provides support for the World Science Festival’s educational programs, hosts musical performances, and serves up science-inspired delicacies for its gala-goers.

Guests included the Festival’s founders, physicist Brian Greene and former journalist Tracy Day, and was hosted by visiting professor at Stony Brook University, actor, and director Alan Alda. The star of the night was the Gala’s honoree, Dr. Mary-Claire King of the University of Washington, a groundbreaking geneticist whose discovery of the breast cancer gene, BRCA-1, is a supreme example of science being used for the service of humanity. “The most righteous projects demand the most rigorous science,” she remarked.

Brian Greene also shared a “moment of science” when he explained the significance of the recent gravitational waves discovery emanating from the universe’s first moments. “Why should you care about ‘ripples in space’? Because everything we hold dear is the result of those ripples,” he tweeted.

The 2014 World Science Festival, funded in part by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, runs from Wednesday, May 28 through Sunday, June 1, 2014.