PROSE Award Granted for the Study of Evil


The so-called problem of evil is a major topic in philosophical theology. It addresses how a good God can be reconciled with the reality of the various evils that exist. For many, it is the best reason to doubt the existence of a creator.

Moral Evil by Andrew Flescher, an associate professor at Stony Brook University, explores the evil perpetrated by human beings. Partially supported by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, the book has recently won a prestigious PROSE Award, a prize which recognizes the very best in professional and scholarly publishing across a wide range of academic disciplines.

Flescher examines various models that offer accounts of moral evil in the world, showing how the formation of altruistic habits can lead us to better moral choices throughout our lives. “Flescher’s analysis is penetrating and ethically unflinching,” says Diana Fritz Cates, professor of Religious Studies at the University of Iowa, in a review. “At the same time, it reflects great compassion. This book ought to be read by everyone who longs for goodness and is pained by its absence.”