New Online Course Partners Science and Religion


Do you believe in the Bible or evolution? Miracles or the laws of nature? Material or spiritual reality? Such juxtapositions plague the debate between science and religion, and recent analyses show that religious people often feel they must take sides—not because science and religion are opposed, but because they are often presented as opposed. Religious leaders and teachers frequently face difficulties in joining the two schools of thought for their congregations and students, and even experience strong resistance at times.

Science and Faith in Dialogue, a project stemming out of Barcelona, Spain and supported by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, aims to address this problem by offering online courses to ministers, priests, and teachers in Spain and Latin America. These courses are meant to deepen the dialogue between science, philosophy, and theology from within the Catholic tradition. The program is entirely in Spanish and can be completed with or without a tutor. Teachers in Spain can also earn continuing education credits for participating.

A total of 12 lessons run from January through October 2014 and include presentations and other didactic materials, as well as online seminars and discussions. Full information is available online.