Grantees in the News


“Gravity Kills Schrödinger’s Cat”
Article featuring JTF-funded work at the University of Vienna • Scientific American
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“Mysteries of an Expanding Universe”
Grantee Krista Tippett interviews astrophysicist Mario Livio • On Being
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“Jean Vanier – The Wisdom of Tenderness”
Grantee Krista Tippett interviews 2015 Templeton Prize winner Jean Vanier • On Being
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“For Jean Vanier, Templeton Prize Winner, Loving People With Disabilities Is A Religious Experience”
Article featuring 2015 Templeton Prize winner Jean Vanier • The Huffington Post
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“The Father of Positive Psychology and His Two Theories of Happiness”
Article featuring grantee Martin Seligman • The Huffington Post
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“Fatherhood: Much lost, more gained”
Article written by The Dadly Virtues editor Jonathan V. Last • The Philadelphia Inquirer
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“God, John Templeton and me: How a single phone call changed my entire life”
A tribute to Dr. John M. Templeton, Jr., written by grantee Michael Guillen • Fox News
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“Giving is way up, but for what reason?”
Article featuring grantee Christian Smith • The Christian Science Monitor
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“How ‘science popularizers’ influence public opinion on religion”
Article featuring grantee Elaine Howard Ecklund •
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“Einstein saves the quantum cat”
Article featuring grantee Caslav Brukner •
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