Grantees in the News


“Why Do We Experience Awe?”
Written by grantee Dacher Keltner • The New York Times
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“Imagining the Lives of Others”
Written by grantee Paul Bloom • The New York Times
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“A Crisis at the Edge of Physics”
Article featuring grantee Joseph Silk and 2004 Templeton Prize winner George Ellis, co-authored by grantee Marcelo Gleiser • The New York Times
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“How to Recognize a Budding Entrepreneur”
Written by grantee Richard Lerner • The Wall Street Journal
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“How to Make the Most of Longer Lives”
Written by grantee Marc Freedman • The Wall Street Journal
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“A Guiding Hand for the Blind”
Article featuring 2014 Purpose Prize winner Kate Williams • The Wall Street Journal
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“Death Denial”
Article featuring subgrantees Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyzsczynski • The Chronicle of Higher Education
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“Cosmos from nothing?”
Written by grantee Karl Giberson • The Christian Century
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“Physicist and Star Trek screenwriter Leonard Mlodinow: ‘In 2035, we’ll all be part of one giant social network'”
Article featuring World Science Festival Big Ideas Series panelist Leonard Mlodinow • Business Insider
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“A Private View of Quantum Reality”
Article featuring grantee Christopher Fuchs • Quanta Magazine
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“UCR conference looks at stayin’ alive”
Article featuring the Immortality Project • The Press Enterprise
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