Grantees in the News


“Film Review: ‘(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies’”
Documentary review • Variety
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“The Great ‘Beyond’: Contemplating Life, Sex And Elevators In Space”
Interview with grantee Chris Impey • NPR
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“Does Cub Scouting really improve a boy’s character?”
Article featuring grantee Dan Warren • Bryan on Scouting
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“What Generosity Does to Your Brain and Life Expectancy”
Article featuring grantee Stephen Post • U.S. News & World Report
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“Center Of Theological Inquiry – Where Scholars Take On Life’s Big Questions”
Article featuring grantee William Storrar • Princeton Magazine
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“Quantum purity: How the big picture banishes weirdness”
Article featuring grantee Giacomo D’Ariano • New Scientist [subscription required]
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“What Kids Are Really Thinking on Mother’s Day”
Written by grantee Janice Kaplan • Huffington Post
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“Feeding the Homeless Is a Religious Liberty Issue Too”
Article mentioning the Religious Liberty Clinic • Christianity Today
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“The dadly virtues: Adventures from the worst job you’ll ever love”
Video featuring Templeton Press book • American Enterprise Institute
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