Grantees in the News


“Religion Makes Children More Selfish, Say Scientists”
Article featuring grantee Jean Decety • Forbes
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“The Theory of Relativity, Then and Now”
Article written by grantee Brian Greene • Smithsonian
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“It’s Not About Science or Religion — It’s About Being Human”
Article written by grantee Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman • The Huffington Post
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“Venus-Like Planet Sheds New Light On Alien Atmospheres”
Article featuring grantee David Charbonneau • The Huffington Post
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“Astronomers are eager to get a whiff of newfound Venus-like planet”
Article featuring grantee David Charbonneau • Astronomy Magazine
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“When Robots Colonize the Cosmos, Will They Be Conscious? (Op-Ed)”
Article written by grantee Robert Lawrence Kuhn • Yahoo! News
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