Grantees in the News


“Want To Feel Good? Gratitude Might Just Be the Answer”
Article featuring grantee Janice Kaplan • The Huffington Post
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“The Human Race Is Doing Pretty Well. Just Look At The Data.”
Article featuring JTF-supported site • The Huffington Post
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“6 Ways to Prepare for a (Much) Longer Retirement”
Article mentioning JTF grantee Marc Freedman • TIME
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“Institutions: Revive universities of the Muslim world”
Article written by grantees Nidhal Guessoum and Athar Osama • Nature
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“Science at Universities of the Muslim World”
Report from the JTF-supported Muslim-Science.Com Task Force •
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“4850 Feet Below: The Hunt for Dark Matter”
Video on dark matter supported by JTF • Science Friday
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“The Funny Thing About Adversity”
Article written by JTF grantee David DeSteno • The New York Times
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“Tufts University Study Finds Boy Scouts Builds Positive Character”
Article featuring JTF-funded study • Boy Scouts of America
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“Smithsonian exhibit engages community over human origins; discussion forums”
Article featuring JTF-supported Smithsonian traveling exhibit • St George News
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“Hope and Optimism Project Awards Nearly $2 Million to 18 Research Projects”
Article featuring JTF-funded Hope and Optimism Project • University of Notre Dame
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“The science of gratitude: As we age, our brains get better at feeling thankful”
Article featuring JTF grantee Robert Emmons • The Globe and Mail
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“Philanthropy helps the giver, too”
Article featuring JTF grantee Stephen Post • The Detroit News
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