Everyday Economics Online


Education is continuing to move online as institutions and others explore how to utilize the internet for such a meaningful purpose. The Mercatus Center at George Mason University, funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, is at the vanguard of such experiments with MR University, an online education platform. For example, a new course series titled “Everyday Economics,” overseen by professor of economics Donald J. Boudreaux, allows viewers to easily relate economics—sometimes a difficult topic to grasp—to their daily lives.

The series was hard to make, Boudreaux told The Chronicle of Higher Education, with two days of filming edited into four short and deceptively simple lectures. They use all the techniques of high quality production to communicate basic economic concepts, with no assumptions of prior knowledge in viewers. “The expectation and certainly the hope is that they’d be stand-alone,” Boudreaux says.

He will add new videos based on the most common questions he receives from viewers. With further developments in the technology, it’s possible that online education will recreate the traditional learning environment focused on personalized interactions and an individual tutor.