Heather Templeton Dill Appointed President of the John Templeton Foundation


Heather Templeton Dill, daughter of the late Dr. Jack Templeton and granddaughter of the late Sir John Templeton, has been appointed president of the John Templeton Foundation by the board of trustees.

Most recently, Dill acted as executive liaison to the president at the Foundation, working closely with her father and the staff. Prior to joining the Foundation as a staff member, she taught high school level history, government, and economics in Pennsylvania. While living in Charlottesville, Virginia, she was a homeschool educator as well as a manuscript editor and research assistant at the University of Virginia. She served as a trustee of the John Templeton Foundation from 1997-2003 and 2009-2015 and has been a member of the Foundation’s executive, finance, and strategic planning committees. Dill is currently a member of the board of First Trust Bank and previously served on the Templeton Religion Trust steering committee and the Templeton World Charity Foundation board.

Dill holds a master’s degree in American history from Villanova University and is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in history and a concentration in public policy.

  • http://www.drkevinlkeough.com/ Dr. Kevin L Keough

    Congratulations to Heather. I had the good fortune to talk to your grandfather back when your father was at Penn–in Philly anyway but I think it was Penn. Thank God for the Templeton Foundation. Enjoy the new job !

  • Garmoco

    Congratulations, but I would hate to fill the shoes you must fill. Your grandfather will always be one of my best friends and mentors. Your father was like a brother on many occasions. And your mother remains a secret sweetheart! With genes like that, you will do a wonderful job!

  • http://www.thegodreality.com/ johnheno

    Congratulations Heather, I have been receiving the Templeton emails for some time. The only “serious” problem I have with the Templeton Foundation is that there is no consideration ever given to the small band of scientists and people who have “valiantly” held the line where the attack on theism and the Biblical Christian worldview is the fiercest. We live in a time when SCIENTISM is deceptively masquerading as science, and hard-core Atheism being actively promoted in the deceptive guise of godless naturalism and atheistic Secularism ( itself masquerading “religious neutrality”) As you know, almost all the pioneers of modern science were committed theists and creationists. You would also know that mainstream science is now dominated by hard-core atheist promoting “Metaphysical” naturalism and godless materialism. The Encyclopedia of Philosophy has another name for this godless religious worldview – its called SCIENTISM. The combined global impact of the godless leftist Socialist-Secular-Humanist aggressive assault on theism and the once dominant Judeo-Christian worldview has decimated theism and Christianity and reeked havoc in all western democracies: To the point where Cathedrals and Churches in England are largely vacated, and the next generation of Christian youth “immunized” against God and the Christian worldview in “scientism” classes in public and private education, and are thus largely falling away from the Christian faith. All at a time when Islam is exploding in all western democracies, and in the world generally, together with the widespread dominion of aggressive atheism and godless Humanism. I personally feel that the Templeton Foundation is largely blind to what is going on. I know the Templeton Foundation means well, but I believe that you are so out of touch with the main game, and playing on the fringe. Because of this the role of the Templeton Foundation is not as effective as it could be. And in terms of the main event is largely irrelevant. None-the-less, I wish you well!
    John Heininger, Chairman AEAS -NEC (Australian Evangelical Apologetics Society & National Education Coalition).
    http://www.thegodreality.org (Apologies, not fully reformatted and upgraded as yet)

  • AbedPeerally

    Congratulations on this highly prestigious honor. As a member of this great American family concern, and with your experience in its management, we have no doubt that you will take it to new frontiers of achievements, goals and success.

  • Dawn Smith

    Thank you for being willing to bring your time and effort to the work of this foundation.

  • Gregory I. Simpson

    Dear Heather, I am writing to you a PhD in chemistry and current MDiv student at Union Theological Seminary in New York, first to congratulate you on accepting the position of leadership at this foundation. Second to ask of you a question prompted by my years as a scientist, now being shaped by my current theological scholarship. What is it that constitutes “big questions” and how do those big questions seek to address global scientific inequities shaped in many ways by the prevailing Christian ethic?